Great going Judge-saheb

Court in Sonept (my guess…its in Haryana) has directed the Cops to return the bribe with 9% interest… (Link here)
Story has it that the man was threatened with 3rd degree torture, and to escape-he paid up 30k bucks to the Cops, but look at the silliness of cops, they still inflicted “3rd degree” on him…

of the two accused cops Rao and Rai…rao is dead and rai has retired…so now there would be complications…
Maje lete time to dono ne liye the..but ab ticket fata to ek ke naam pe…

Caught without Ticket

Of all other charges, Kasab the bugger has also been charged of being without ticket at CST… (Link here)

I wonder…during the Kandhar hijack drama, did the politicos buy tickets for the buggers they carried along and handed over them to the talib-f***rs…
If not, shouldn’t they be booked under flying without tickets or boarding passes or whatever….

Case Files: Adnan Vs Sabah

Adnan Sami and his marital woes seems to be making all the headlines….
I am wondering…are they playing a game or they are really so childish… gives some resons to smile…

Here’s the latest one:
Adnan Sami’s wife lodged another non-cognisable offence complaint against him at Oshiwara police station on Sunday. This time, she alleged that the Pakistani singer had threatened to make duplicate keys of her room.
“In her complaint, Sabah claimed that Sami asked for the keys from her room. When she refused, he threatened to make a duplicate one”

Whats next in line….”Police registering case for couple sneezing at each other”

I love Mumbai Police….

Words…and words are all I have……

Lassitude: My first reaction -> Lass’ Attitude

Inglenook: 😉
he he he ….nothing dirty

Onomatopoeia : Man….no idea in hell….

These are some of the 100 most beautiful words in English…. Check here for the rest>>

I wonder what all words would feature in top-ten if they go by usage…wonder more if they come out with a Hindi counter part list of such most used words….guess I can figure out most of them … he he he 😉

Lost in Reporting…..

Judiciary, Legislature, Executive and Press, the so called four pillars of Democracy with the Press acting as a control mechanism to the former three and keeping them in check (that’s the expectation).

Recently, a Journo and her media house took on a hapless blogger and served him a legal notice for exercising freedom of speech and commenting on their reporting during 26/11,

what a mega crime the poor guy did….he chose to speak his mind..didn’t he know that its the Journo’s prerogative, you say anything against them and guess what ….they will sue you.

Its laughable more than surprising to hear such a charge being leveled by Media, specially the electronic media, that never misses an opportunity to express “its opinion” on any issue rather than the issue itself ….may it be a domestic squabble or mating habits of cats & dogs or singing paeans of the new Prez of US (I heard some band singing ” ओबामा ओबामा, तुने कर दियाहंगामा on TV….. wtf).

How often do we see a chat show with the host of the show taking sides and panning a hapless participant who not only has to fend with his opponents but also has to deal with a hostile host.

Then comes the “exclusive footage” available with all the news channels featuring the vandals either at a railway station or a pub or any place on earth, and our reporter friends are always there to capture each and every move…what a coincidence….(well I am confused…the vandals did live coverage & reporting or the reporter did live vandalizing….)

I always assumed that the media is supposed to bring out the complete picture rather than giving its own shades and colors to the story.
May be I got it wrong….May be media is just another business….may be………..

The basis of my assumptions was the Preamble of code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, that states:

“….public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy.The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility”


THE SPIRIT OF MUMBAI…its the phrase I strongly denounce, with all the respect to Mumbaikars, this statement has been abused to such an extent that suddenly it feels like there is no value to the sheer fact that people have lost lives, people have died and died a gruesome death for a spending an evening at a cafe, for dining at a hotel, for heading back home, FOR LIVING THEIR OWN LIFE.
My question is, why does it always has to be like this, how can someone simply start going back to work, the very next day of any gruesome tragedy, why should people use the same local trains that were bombed just a day before, why should people walk the platform of a station that was covered with blood of innocent people…

Some would say its part of life, we have to live with it…there is no other option….
But I say, this is not a part of life…we DO NOT have to live like this…no one deserves to live like this….why should we live in a constant fear that any one might come and shoot me or my loved one…

Why cant the city and people of India stand firm for once and demand stern action from all those who are accountable to run the city/state/nation….

A SAFE INDIA, is it too much to ask for????

My tryst with the Himalayas!!!!!!!!!

Atop a 30 ft hill….1-2-3 and jump….the only thought that crossed my mind was….S H I TTTTT….what have I done….and the the next moment I was down into chilling currents of ganga…it gave a special high, considering I cant move my limbs to perform a specific action called swimming…..what followed was an awesome experience of white water rafting in fuming ganga….
It all started with landing in Delhi to proceed to Mussorie via Dehradoon….next day we were packed into a crampy bus which took us to the base camp Sankari. This was the starting point of an exhilarating journey to the himalayas, for 7 days and 8 nights we were in the lap of nature…climbing steep mountains…ascending snow covered ridges and running down the hills…..walked more then I ever had in my entire life….
Several times I wondered whether m pushing the envelope a lil too much…but all that pain and effort was worth for this journey of a lifetime…..
Pics here

Uniformly random thoughts

…..lotta water has flown under da bridge since I wrote my 1st blog….the culprit being da creativity ka keeda, it went hibernating….nw back…sans all fanfare/hullabaloo.
Being in an IT cmpny has its own merits…u get gr8 n noble ideas for the public at large. Aisa hi ek bulb jala while watching U, me aur hum…>> tk all da gals n aunties to drought ridden parts of India ..n show them some senti movies ( movie/saas-bahu drama)…no need to water the fields….der tears would do da trick…(pooh/hema: I am nt talking abt u…. so plz put dwn those daggers).
Another merit that features prominently on my list is that IT cmpnies mk u a true multitasker…where else would u be on a con-call, chat wid frnds, surfing ur fav websites… all this while the Tashan soundtrack is blasting in ur ears…and to top it all..u’r paid fr dng all this… 🙂

Kuch jyada meetha ho gaya….dats cuz ….appraisal results aane me time hai…tab tak stay happy n IPL dekho…..baad me to gali dena hi hai…..

Straight from the fingers….

The blog-bug seems to have caught me…and how…I would like to thank my organization for giving me this unique, once in a life time opportunity of wandering into the cyber space…groping for my destiny and most important of all…finding moksha….u may know it differently..we call it being VELA…..enough cliché I say….

The affair’s seeds were sown in pune…grew in mumbai and today I back to the point where I started..the timing could’nt b more appropriate.
This was the time —flashback ’07.. lying on my bed..I was dreaming whats new in that…there is…. sans the usual desires 🙂 😉 jumping the IT bandwagon and next step…landing in some firang place ..earning in $ss, £ss….. Cut back to ’08…the dream hasn’t changed….alas the bed is gone…and here comes a revolving chair…trying to hold u fr those precious eight hrs…confined in an obnoxious little cubicle (weed!!! how much I miss u)

..I started as Sensationally numb and now I am Comfortably Numb ( do i hear some Pink floyd humming these words….boss mere thoughts onsite chale gaye n m supporting frm offshore…US recession I blame…seems work has taken its toll on me…enuf..m hallucinating da 8hr gazar)