Stayin Alive…..

The Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT) has announced that they will present “Lifetime Achievement Award” to two tigers, Machali from Ranthambhore and Sundar aka B2 from Bandhavgarh. <Link here> This immediately throws some questions: Are there tigers left in Indian forests? Why in the world would you name a tigress as Machali…. What the Fish… […]

Sunny Deol Bailed out

At last Sunny Deol has been granted bail  after 12 years in a  case. The news report says that he was charged for “allegedly entering a platform without permission and pulling a train’s emergency chain during shooting of a film” Emergency chain… I mean You pull the chain and then the emergency brakes kick in…. […]

Name-Game:: Shame Shame!!!

I’ had earlier blogged about weird names here…well seems I am not the only one amused by the strangeness in the way people like themselves to be called, or rather not called A recent study says:<Link here> The number of people in Britain with surnames like Cockshott, Balls, Death and Shufflebottom has declined by up […]

My tryst with the Himalayas!!!!!!!!!

Atop a 30 ft hill….1-2-3 and jump….the only thought that crossed my mind was….S H I TTTTT….what have I done….and the the next moment I was down into chilling currents of ganga…it gave a special high, considering I cant move my limbs to perform a specific action called swimming…..what followed was an awesome experience of […]