Taliban Marriage Bureau-Beast meets the Priest for a Feast…

Now-a-days Taliban in Pakistan is arranging love marriages <Link here>, this is in addition to their usual responsibility (read KRA) of having a blast or two a day…Wow…but to be eligible for it, the groom has to have a strong background. He should have needlessly killed atleast 20 people, should be expert in ramming bombs at every place around him in short…he should be one among the many F-ing talibs…ohh and well the bride should be any chic…no other criterion required….

This is what in Management Parlance called “Forward Integration”, if no-one in this world is selling you oil, dig a bore yourself…and then sell it to the world.

Well, technology is playing its part too….

“The love marriage aspirants contact the bureau on a fixed telephone number. The Taliban collect their particulars and then contact their families to arrange these marriages”

Amazing…All the marriage bureau across Pakistan (if there are any)…beware…you’ve got competition on home turf called Taliban Marriage Bureau (TMB)

On a tangent, from what limited I’ve read and heard, the sheep and goat owners must be having pretty tough times….Afterall their only source of income and pleasure goes away from them, once a Talib lays his ‘love’ filled eyes on the pretty thing…. all courtsey TMB