Great going Judge-saheb

Court in Sonept (my guess…its in Haryana) has directed the Cops to return the bribe with 9% interest… (Link here)Story has it that the man was threatened with 3rd degree torture, and to escape-he paid up 30k bucks to the Cops, but look at the silliness of cops, they still inflicted “3rd degree” on him… […]

Caught without Ticket

Of all other charges, Kasab the bugger has also been charged of being without ticket at CST… (Link here) I wonder…during the Kandhar hijack drama, did the politicos buy tickets for the buggers they carried along and handed over them to the talib-f***rs…If not, shouldn’t they be booked under flying without tickets or boarding passes […]

Case Files: Adnan Vs Sabah

Adnan Sami and his marital woes seems to be making all the headlines….I am wondering…are they playing a game or they are really so childish… gives some resons to smile… Here’s the latest one:Adnan Sami’s wife lodged another non-cognisable offence complaint against him at Oshiwara police station on Sunday. This time, she alleged that the […]

Words…and words are all I have……

Lassitude: My first reaction -> Lass’ AttitudeInglenook: 😉 he he he ….nothing dirty Onomatopoeia : Man….no idea in hell…. These are some of the 100 most beautiful words in English…. Check here for the rest>> I wonder what all words would feature in top-ten if they go by usage…wonder more if they come out with […]