Scissor Hazards…snip snip snip…

Man swallows nail scissors while using them as toothpick

Kong Lin, 27, was cleaning his teeth with the four-inch scissors, when laughing at a joke caused him to accidentally swallow them.

Ha ha ha ha ha..dude, get a life….

Air India steward loses job for refusing to trim moustache

An Air India steward was relieved from duties because he declined to trim his moustache even after receiving official warnings.

Steward with high growth, serving food with a smile….awwww..thats too scary…

Knives, scissors seized at airport

A day before the terminal at New Delhi Airport opened for commercial operations, the security agency recovered 12 knives and some pairs of scissors from the food court that has been set up on the premises.

Bravo…how did these items came in the premises in the first place???

and finally

How To Trim Your Moustache

Some gems from this tutorial:

  • Moustache has been regarded as the symbol of masculinity by people, since ages.
  • While there are a number of ways to stylize a mustache, the basic step for trimming (to prevent it from looking rowdy) remains almost the same.    Rowdy…ha ha..
  • Instructions For Trimming – In order to trim your moustache, you need to sit in front of a full-length mirror.   I just want to trim my moustache..why full length mirror???? thats a suspense
    Make sure to use the scissors conservatively, lest you end up harming yourself. In case you have a pencil-thin or handle-bar mustache, use the razor accordingly and make sure not to end up shaving off the top of the mustache accidentally.  Ahem…..precuations and all…..hmmm