Name-Game:: Shame Shame!!!

I’ had earlier blogged about weird names here…well seems I am not the only one amused by the strangeness in the way people like themselves to be called, or rather not called

A recent study says:<Link here>

  • The number of people in Britain with surnames like Cockshott, Balls, Death and Shufflebottom has declined by up to 75 per cent in the last century.
  • Number of people with the name Cock shrank to 785 last year from 3,211 in 1881, those called Balls fell to 1,299 from 2,904 and the number of Deaths were reduced to 605 from 1,133

So that means there are 785 Cocks and 1299 Balls… all at loose in Britain. Well shouldn’t the ratio be 1:2 …. some mathematical error I guess…

Now I know why Football, Tennis and Cricket are much more popular in Britain compared to Badminton…Balls outnumber Cocks .. you see