Filmfare & not-so-lovely

Yesterday the much coveted Filmfare awards were televised and the who’s who of Bollywood were present to revel with the fraternity,.However much they deny, but the effect of recession was evident. On every performance, Ms. Zinta would do WoW…whats new in that..right and how is it related to recession?? well on 3rd or 4th instance […]

Caught without Ticket

Of all other charges, Kasab the bugger has also been charged of being without ticket at CST… (Link here) I wonder…during the Kandhar hijack drama, did the politicos buy tickets for the buggers they carried along and handed over them to the talib-f***rs…If not, shouldn’t they be booked under flying without tickets or boarding passes […]

Case Files: Adnan Vs Sabah

Adnan Sami and his marital woes seems to be making all the headlines….I am wondering…are they playing a game or they are really so childish… gives some resons to smile… Here’s the latest one:Adnan Sami’s wife lodged another non-cognisable offence complaint against him at Oshiwara police station on Sunday. This time, she alleged that the […]