Scissor Hazards…snip snip snip…

Man swallows nail scissors while using them as toothpick Kong Lin, 27, was cleaning his teeth with the four-inch scissors, when laughing at a joke caused him to accidentally swallow them. Ha ha ha ha ha..dude, get a life…. Air India steward loses job for refusing to trim moustache An Air India steward was relieved […]

Name-Game:: Shame Shame!!!

I’ had earlier blogged about weird names here…well seems I am not the only one amused by the strangeness in the way people like themselves to be called, or rather not called A recent study says:<Link here> The number of people in Britain with surnames like Cockshott, Balls, Death and Shufflebottom has declined by up […]


Micheal Jackson has expressed desire to enter in his concerts in London, riding on an African elephant with panthers led on gold chains. Parrots and other birds will fly behind him, he will also perform role of ‘Masakkali’ on the Delhi-6 song… <Link here> I admit my-lord..I made up last line… but I was amazed […]

Squabble in the household…

I wonder what would have happened if there were no Celebrities in this Celestial System…what my dear journos would have done for living and breaking their bread…lemme take a guess…they would have been sleuths/detectives… A recent incident to prove their prowess happened in Pitt..err…Jolie..or .err.. Pitjolie [;)] household…Apparently Jolie slapped Pitt since he was massaging […]

Kill..don’t foot the bill

The Hon. Supreme Court has made a very intersting ruling ‘Killing another in self-defence is one’s right’. Well ‘fness’ emanates from the heading…and I celebrate it……. I’d been exercising this right since my kid-hood by killings mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches. With time I graduated to killing chicken and sea-fauna and goat and lamb and pork…well all […]

Filmfare & not-so-lovely

Yesterday the much coveted Filmfare awards were televised and the who’s who of Bollywood were present to revel with the fraternity,.However much they deny, but the effect of recession was evident. On every performance, Ms. Zinta would do WoW…whats new in that..right and how is it related to recession?? well on 3rd or 4th instance […]

Great going Judge-saheb

Court in Sonept (my guess…its in Haryana) has directed the Cops to return the bribe with 9% interest… (Link here)Story has it that the man was threatened with 3rd degree torture, and to escape-he paid up 30k bucks to the Cops, but look at the silliness of cops, they still inflicted “3rd degree” on him… […]

Caught without Ticket

Of all other charges, Kasab the bugger has also been charged of being without ticket at CST… (Link here) I wonder…during the Kandhar hijack drama, did the politicos buy tickets for the buggers they carried along and handed over them to the talib-f***rs…If not, shouldn’t they be booked under flying without tickets or boarding passes […]