Scissor Hazards…snip snip snip…

Man swallows nail scissors while using them as toothpick Kong Lin, 27, was cleaning his teeth with the four-inch scissors, when laughing at a joke caused him to accidentally swallow them. Ha ha ha ha ha..dude, get a life…. Air India steward loses job for refusing to trim moustache An Air India steward was relieved […]

Milking the issue

O Rediff! O Rediff! how you name your news, Always I wonder…the writer is fuse. You make Mithun’s dialogues embarrasingly red, Do you daily consume fungi laden bread???? Alright seems I too am not too good at writing, but this particular article forced me in taking this plunge… ‘Want a Mallika Shrawat Milkshake?’ umm…a…ahem…yeah why […]