THE SPIRIT OF MUMBAI…its the phrase I strongly denounce, with all the respect to Mumbaikars, this statement has been abused to such an extent that suddenly it feels like there is no value to the sheer fact that people have lost lives, people have died and died a gruesome death for a spending an evening at a cafe, for dining at a hotel, for heading back home, FOR LIVING THEIR OWN LIFE.
My question is, why does it always has to be like this, how can someone simply start going back to work, the very next day of any gruesome tragedy, why should people use the same local trains that were bombed just a day before, why should people walk the platform of a station that was covered with blood of innocent people…

Some would say its part of life, we have to live with it…there is no other option….
But I say, this is not a part of life…we DO NOT have to live like this…no one deserves to live like this….why should we live in a constant fear that any one might come and shoot me or my loved one…

Why cant the city and people of India stand firm for once and demand stern action from all those who are accountable to run the city/state/nation….

A SAFE INDIA, is it too much to ask for????


  1. I whole heartedly agree with you!
    I think that compulsion and lack of choice have made this “spirit of Mumbai’ statement and over used and over abused statement.

    Yes, Mumbai used to have a soul. Dont know what happened to it now.

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