Uniformly random thoughts

…..lotta water has flown under da bridge since I wrote my 1st blog….the culprit being da creativity ka keeda, it went hibernating….nw back…sans all fanfare/hullabaloo.
Being in an IT cmpny has its own merits…u get gr8 n noble ideas for the public at large. Aisa hi ek bulb jala while watching U, me aur hum…>> tk all da gals n aunties to drought ridden parts of India ..n show them some senti movies (infact..ne movie/saas-bahu drama)…no need to water the fields….der tears would do da trick…(pooh/hema: I am nt talking abt u…. so plz put dwn those daggers).
Another merit that features prominently on my list is that IT cmpnies mk u a true multitasker…where else would u be on a con-call, chat wid frnds, surfing ur fav websites… all this while the Tashan soundtrack is blasting in ur ears…and to top it all..u’r paid fr dng all this… 🙂

Kuch jyada meetha ho gaya….dats cuz ….appraisal results aane me time hai…tab tak stay happy n IPL dekho…..baad me to gali dena hi hai…..

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  1. Anku

    After reading your blog, I can feel the Ganges current running in my veins…. Wish could have been the part of the team !! ne-ways, better be next time…

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