Harbhajan Singh, sold….

Harbhajan Singh has sold the rights to his name…<Link here>

Going  ahead, the firm could merchandise the name “Harbhajan” in various fields and sectors.

I question:

  • Will Dhoni have to pay royalty every time he says “Well bowled Bhajji”?
  • How about the dim-witted commentators…all their remuneration will be spent on just talking about him, 6 times an over.
  • Will Patiala Peg change its name to Bhajji Peg?
  • My favorite News Channels would have their hairs turning Grey at this news…What will  they now call their over-the-top drama programs on Turbanator, hosted by the 12th-man cricketer-retired-turned-cricket expert???

If the merchandising plan takes off and they really start having products by his name…I shudder at the thoughts of

Bhajji brand Chaddi, Harbhajan beedi, Lets have a Bhajji pint, Tandoori Harbhajan, Harbhajan Readymade Stores and Cut-piece Centre, Bhajji Volvo…….Harbhajan hair cutting Saloon (with all apologies)……