Bang..bang… strays

Fed up of strays littering his compound, a senior citizen in his sixties took the drastic step of shooting two stray dogs with his air gun <Senior citizen shoots two stray dogs> Politicos beware: you never know when some one gets bored with your littering and starts bang..bang… Note: The guy got a case registered […]

BREAKING NEWS!!! Obama and Hillary are siblings

An earth-shattering, ground trembling, Humpty-dumpty tumbling news has just broken….Obama and Hillary are actually siblings..born to the same Afro-parents….and they have a sister…who is yet un-named… Well all this happened in Malaysia (Link here) with an innocent lion family…tch tch tch…poor cats.. I am wondering…if this happened in India, how offended the poor cubs might […]

Caught without Ticket

Of all other charges, Kasab the bugger has also been charged of being without ticket at CST… (Link here) I wonder…during the Kandhar hijack drama, did the politicos buy tickets for the buggers they carried along and handed over them to the talib-f***rs…If not, shouldn’t they be booked under flying without tickets or boarding passes […]