My tryst with the Himalayas!!!!!!!!!

Atop a 30 ft hill….1-2-3 and jump….the only thought that crossed my mind was….S H I TTTTT….what have I done….and the the next moment I was down into chilling currents of ganga…it gave a special high, considering I cant move my limbs to perform a specific action called swimming…..what followed was an awesome experience of white water rafting in fuming ganga….
It all started with landing in Delhi to proceed to Mussorie via Dehradoon….next day we were packed into a crampy bus which took us to the base camp Sankari. This was the starting point of an exhilarating journey to the himalayas, for 7 days and 8 nights we were in the lap of nature…climbing steep mountains…ascending snow covered ridges and running down the hills…..walked more then I ever had in my entire life….
Several times I wondered whether m pushing the envelope a lil too much…but all that pain and effort was worth for this journey of a lifetime…..
Pics here