Straight from the fingers….

The blog-bug seems to have caught me…and how…I would like to thank my organization for giving me this unique, once in a life time opportunity of wandering into the cyber space…groping for my destiny and most important of all…finding moksha….u may know it differently..we call it being VELA…..enough cliché I say….

The affair’s seeds were sown in pune…grew in mumbai and today I back to the point where I started..the timing could’nt b more appropriate.
This was the time —flashback ’07.. lying on my bed..I was dreaming whats new in that…there is…. sans the usual desires 🙂 😉 jumping the IT bandwagon and next step…landing in some firang place ..earning in $ss, £ss….. Cut back to ’08…the dream hasn’t changed….alas the bed is gone…and here comes a revolving chair…trying to hold u fr those precious eight hrs…confined in an obnoxious little cubicle (weed!!! how much I miss u)

..I started as Sensationally numb and now I am Comfortably Numb ( do i hear some Pink floyd humming these words….boss mere thoughts onsite chale gaye n m supporting frm offshore…US recession I blame…seems work has taken its toll on me…enuf..m hallucinating da 8hr gazar)

2 replies on “Straight from the fingers….”

  1. don’t worry ankit.. th bed will come back soon.. that too King size!![:P][:D][;)]

  2. Anku

    After reading your blog, I can feel the Ganges current running in my veins…. Wish could have been the part of the team !! ne-ways, better be next time…

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