Stayin Alive…..

The Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT) has announced that they will present “Lifetime Achievement Award” to two tigers, Machali from Ranthambhore and Sundar aka B2 from Bandhavgarh. <Link here>

This immediately throws some questions:

  • Are there tigers left in Indian forests?
  • Why in the world would you name a tigress as Machali…. What the Fish

Whats more amusing is the basis of these awards:

“Machali herself earns as much as a top cricketer or Bollywood actress, and it’s critical to recognise these extraordinary economic benefits that come from saving her species in the wild. She literally provides livelihoods for thousands of people from forest guards to wildlife guides, drivers to hoteliers!” says TOFT founder, Julian Matthews.

I am amused by Mr Matthews comparison of Top Cricketer and Bollywood Actress. Is he inspired by Ms Shetty and Ms Zinta at the IPL in SA? BTW how much tax has she paid…Mr Chidu, are you listening????

Amazingly, TOFT has calculated that Machali has earned nearly US$100 million (48000 crores) for the Economy since she became a dominant resident female in the Tourism zone of Ranthambhore in 1998 as well as bringing up 11 cubs

The latter quality of bringing up 11 kids accentuates her chances of excelling in Politics….how about 1st female Finance Minister????

Like all good stars she even has a Facebook page, has been seen by over 150000 visitors and millions on TV across the globe.

This worries me to no end…as per my limited knowledge Facebook is a Social Networking Site…but I did not know, millions can view it on TV…yes TV….phewwww… we have Sundar aka B2

B2 has sired over 35 tigers, 90% of which lived to adulthood, The sizable majority of tigers living in Bandhavgarh today are his sons and daughters. B2 has been estimated to have earned US$30m over his 7 year reign

You are the man..dude….you rock!!!!!

I am wondering…why did these guys got a Lifetime Achievement Award…Simply because they Stayed Alive????

Wonder and think….