Stayin Alive…..

The Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT) has announced that they will present “Lifetime Achievement Award” to two tigers, Machali from Ranthambhore and Sundar aka B2 from Bandhavgarh. <Link here> This immediately throws some questions: Are there tigers left in Indian forests? Why in the world would you name a tigress as Machali…. What the Fish… […]

Harbhajan Singh, sold….

Harbhajan Singh has sold the rights to his name…<Link here> Going  ahead, the firm could merchandise the name “Harbhajan” in various fields and sectors. I question: Will Dhoni have to pay royalty every time he says “Well bowled Bhajji”? How about the dim-witted commentators…all their remuneration will be spent on just talking about him, 6 […]

Pyjama Test

Not a skill test of how fast you can get into or out of your pyjamas, but playing Test cricket in pyjamas…that’s really something <Link here> and that too at night under floodlights…. ECB is considering arranging a test match between England and Bangladesh…no wonder its called Pyjama Test…its B’desh folks….so if the test gets […]

Captain Dada

Outsourcing of IPL has resulted in African fever to a few people associated with it. The most recent victim seems to be Kolkata Knight Riders, Ke-Ke-Aar as they are called. They have decided that there would be a new captain for each game. <Link here> This has refreshed my childhood memories of street-cricket…where even my […]


Mr. … err Dr. Vijay Mallya seems to be in bidding mood..from IPL to Gandhi’s items…he’s buying it all. I wonder (as always) that the spectacles, a 1910 silver Zenith pocket watch, sandals, a golden bowl and thali could work wonders for Mallya in IPL season2!!! Dravid can use the specs to spot the ball […]